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Selsius, First, Do No Harm (Vinyl)

Selsius,  First, Do No Harm (Vinyl)

Size: 540.5 MB
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Format    Double Vinyl
(CD quality WAV for immediate download)

Track list:
#  Title
1.  Revolta
2.  Moscow
3.  Sorrows
4.  Now here, Nowhere
5.  What nourishes us also destroys us
6.  Sonder
7.  On your own
8.  Lights
9.  All of us failed / None succeeded
  Sonder (Radio Edit)
  Bonus track (as WAV download)

       (total playing time)                00:55:02

Selsius is an indie rock band/composing collective with influences from both pop music and post rock. It is said that the Swedish city of Gothenburg has helped shape Selsius’s atmospheric indie rock sound, beeing compared to the likes of Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire, due to their fiery live performances and epic soundscapes. Selsius have a freshness to what they do that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Selsius are:
Jakob Hjulström Vocals & Guitar
Patrik Hedemo Guitar & Vocals
Algoth Björkman Bass Guitar & Vocals
Tobias Ljungman Drums & Vocals
All music and lyrics written by Selsius
Produced by Gordon McNeil and Selsius Recorded and mixed by Gordon McNeil and Swedish Grammis nominee Henryk Lipp
Copyright Rocred Production AB (

The album is also available as a High Resolution 24 bit 'Studio Master' quality and MP3.

Preview album (on Spotify): > Selsius - First Do No Harm - preview <

NOTE! Price includes shipping of premium pressing, double vinyl.
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